State-of-the-art simulation

/> Based on olympic training principles our class-leading car motion simulator has 2 actuators that speed up to 15.74 inches/sec; they are also capable of 250 updates per second and easily accommodate drivers up to 250lbs.

Setup is easy as 1,2,3!

/> All our simulators are truly Plug-N-Play – it takes only up to 30 minutes from unwrapping it to begin racing online! Though, easy to use simulator management software will adjust and update itself automatically.

Low requirements

/> The best part is that our car simulator doesn’t demand any super high-end system to operate! It can be easily connected to an average home PC or Mac without any hassle!



  • Car Simulator : the most recent addition


    In case virtual racing provides you with an adrenaline rush, then you definately ought to be considering the hi-tech racing car simulators. The most recent entrant into the family of most leading-edge racing simulators is the CX5 Carsim from the, that guarantees to satisfy your desire of driving on the insane speed limits possible [...]

  • Welcome post


    We are glad to present you our new website, currently we are transferring all our materials here from the old one. This process  takes much time and energy so be patient and excuse us for any inconvenience. In the meantime stay tuned for the updates and enjoy our new website! team.